Research organisation profile: The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute

The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute is dedicated to finding cures for cardiovascular disease through world-class medical research. Renowned for the quality of its scientific breakthroughs, the team at the Institute is working urgently to discover better ways of diagnosing, treating and preventing the onset of heart disease. With over 200 scientists and doctors working together across 21 laboratories, the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute has earned its place on the global stage as one of the most respected medical research facilities in the world since it was established in 1994 in honour of the pioneering Australian heart surgeon, Dr Victor Chang.

Looking to the future the Innovation Centre was established utilising world best technology and it is accelerating the opportunities to discover cures for heart disease, bringing patients closer to realising precision medicine which has only ever been imagined before. Located within the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, in the heart of the St Vincent’s Hospital Healthcare Campus, the Innovation Centre features seven purpose-built medical research facilities with highly specialised equipment supporting key research areas including heart attack, high cholesterol, heart transplantation, arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, congenital heart disease and genetic analysis.

This major research hub is pushing the boundaries of knowledge by facilitating collaboration between cardiac specialists state-wide and globally, placing the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute at the forefront of Australia’s battle against cardiovascular disease and reducing the lives lost to the world’s number one killer. 

*For more information about The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, visit their official website.


Research organisation profile: The Garvan Institute of Medical Research


The Garvan Institute of Medical Research brings together world-leading basic and translational researchers with expert clinicians. We are patient focused. Our researchers break down barriers between traditional scientific disciplines to find solutions to disease. Garvan’s researchers have made significant advances in genome, epigenome, protein and cell analysis technology. We have revealed causes and treatments for diseases including diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, immune deficiency and autoimmunity.

Today, Garvan’s mission builds on those advances, harnessing all the information encoded in our DNA to better diagnose, treat, predict and prevent disease. Most diseases have a genetic component — from rare, genetic disorders to complex diseases such as cancer, diabetes and autoimmunity. That’s why we study the underlying genetic causes and drivers of these diseases.

Garvan’s goal is to translate discovery into meaningful health benefits for those living with disease and their family. Patients, clinical trial cohorts and population cohorts are at the centre of Garvan’s research. We are focused on addressing the unmet needs of those living with disease – where better understanding, new treatments and more effective diagnosis can have the biggest impact.

The Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics is one of Garvan’s leading research centres, focused on accelerating and translating discoveries to benefit patients. Its research and implementation groups focus on informatics, new technologies, informatics, clinical translation and education. KCCG works with alliances and research organisations worldwide to enable valuable translational research.

Through cutting-edge technology, facilities, local and international collaborations, Garvan researchers strive, every day, to create a future where everyone lives longer, healthier lives.  

For more information about The Garvan Institute of Medical Research, visit their official website.

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