Research Studies

There are many different types of research you can take part in. See all studies currently recruiting below.


ComeBACK Study

The University of Sydney is currently looking for volunteers for a large research study that supports people in becoming more physically active to improve their walking.

Sleep and Emotional Memory Study

Help researchers at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research understand how sleep and mood may effect older people’s memory of emotional information.

Valuing Children Initiative

This research aims to understand societal attitudes to children and young people, through the repeat of a benchmarking survey originally conducted in 2016 by the Valuing Children Initiative (VCI), and through interviews.

Co-Design an Online Nutrition Education Resource

Researchers from the University of Sydney want to learn how to best develop an online evidence-based nutritional education program for the older adult population. This study is seeking insights for a resource specifically tailored for an anti-inflammatory diet.


Researchers from The George Institute for Global Health are trying to find out if cholestrol lowering medication (Statin), can help reduce ongoing neurological symptoms such as problems with memory and concentration, mood disturbances, fatigue and, muscle weakness, after Covid19 infection (Long Covid).

CVMM Study

Researchers at UNSW are conducting a project to determine whether an online program delivered by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist could help adults with hypertension to improve their blood pressure and fitness level.

ReacStep Study

Researchers from Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) are investigating the effects of a ReacStep Program on fall risk and cognition in older adults.


Regular sunscreen application reduces the risk of skin cancer, but it may also reduce vitamin D production.

The Sun-D Trial is the first large trial to investigate the effect of applying SPF 50+ sunscreen on Vitamin D.

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