Research Studies

There are many different types of research you can take part in. See all studies currently recruiting below.


Perceived Relevance of Consequences of Diagnostic Labelling

Researchers from Bond University’s Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare are seeking insights from health consumers regarding the most effective methods of communicating health condition screening information, specifically non-cancer health conditions.


Join a 2 hour weekly inter-generational program bringing older adults and preschoolers together in a range of fun activities for 20 weeks in participating local pre-schools.

TRIM – Lipid Study

Researchers from Westmead Hospital want to see if the immune system of ‘generally healthy’ individuals is impacted by abnormal levels of fats in the blood (lipids), such as cholesterol. This information may provide early targets for the prevention of heart disease.

Caregivers of Children with Chronic Conditions

Help Griffith University researchers to understand how primary
caregivers’ beliefs, behaviours, and perceptions influence their chronic disease management patterns when caring for their chronically ill children through novel and stressful situations.

The Healthy Optimal Australian Microbiome Study

By gaining an understanding of what is a normal and healthy microbiome, clinicians, researchers, and healthcare professionals will be better informed about what they might be able to do to improve health by modulating the microbiome.

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