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There are many different types of research you can take part in. See all studies currently recruiting below.



MeTeOR2 Study

Sydney University researchers want to understand which treatments for people with pain and/or functional limitations post partial-meniscectomy are more effective for pain and self-reported functioning.

RECALL – Pilot

The George Institute for Global Health is coordinating a decentralised study aimed to reduce the risk of dementia and cognitive decline by lowering blood pressure.

Healthy Body & Mind

UNSW Researchers want to to improve quality of life and other health outcomes for older Australians living with osteoarthritis and thinking difficulties through a 12-week program.

Meta-Health Clinic

UNSW researchers want to examine whether a 10-week group exercise, nutrition, and self-management program OR an individual telehealth counselling for older adults with Type 2 Diabetes and Osteoarthritis improves cardiometabolic health, fitness, quality of life and pain.

PANDA Trial: Health Professionals

Researchers want to hear from Australian health professionals who are interested in offering nature prescriptions to patients/consumers, or who already offer nature prescriptions.

PANDA Trial: Health Consumers

Researchers want to learn if nature prescriptions can help people aged 45+ with heart and metabolic issues to be more active.

Night-Time Survey

Curtin University researchers want to learn if taking blood-pressure lowering medications at night may play a role in preventing the progression of kidney disease in diabetic patients through an online survey.

Asthma and Extreme Heat Online Survey

Researchers from The University of Sydney’s Heat and Health Research Incubator want to hear from people with asthma about their experiences in coping with periods of extreme heat.

NEXUS: Men, Mobility, Migration & Health

Curtin University researchers want to understand how the social networks of ex-pats and frequent travellers to South East Asia can be used to improve public health, especially in addressing HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

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