Research Studies

There are many different types of research you can take part in. See all studies currently recruiting below.


COVID-19 Fourth Dose Study

The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute is seeking adult participants to help understand what vaccine schedules provide the best immune responses and safety profile, and how often people need to be boosted.


Are you an adult with long-term (>6 months) difficulty with speech or language skills? The George Institute for Global Health is conducting research on a new app technology for NDIS participants with communication difficulties.

Valuing Children Initiative

This research aims to understand societal attitudes to children and young people, through the repeat of a benchmarking survey originally conducted in 2016 by the Valuing Children Initiative (VCI), and through interviews.

Co-Design an Online Nutrition Education Resource

Researchers from the University of Sydney want to learn how to best develop an online evidence-based nutritional education program for the older adult population. This study is seeking insights for a resource specifically tailored for an anti-inflammatory diet.


Researchers from The George Institute for Global Health are trying to find out if cholestrol lowering medication (Statin), can help reduce ongoing neurological symptoms such as problems with memory and concentration, mood disturbances, fatigue and, muscle weakness, after Covid19 infection (Long Covid).

Australian IBD Microbiome


The Australian IBD Microbiome Study seeks to identify people at risk of IBD prior to symptoms through microbiome analysis, preventing symptom progression, and being able to define how patients are likely to respond to treatment.

mother babies


The MothersBabies Study is an observational study investigating changes in the human microbiome from pre-pregnancy, throughout pregnancy and birth, and onto the baby’s first birthday. 

Online Grocery Shopping Study

Online Grocery Shopping study

A web-based study by The George Institute for Global Health on how people’s online grocery purchases are influenced by information presented to them.

Preventing Adverse Cardiac Events


The Preventing Adverse Cardiac Events (PACE) in COPD trial is being undertaken with a specific focus on the treatment of heart disease – whether diagnosed or not, in people with COPD.

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