How does age affect how we interact with objects

Researchers from Queensland University are investigating Self-Reference Effect (SRE) variations in older adults and adolescents compared with young adults.

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Study description/purpose

The Self-reference effect (SRE) refers to people’s tendency to better remember information when that information has been linked to themself than when it has not been linked to themself. This is well understood in the young adult literature however, little is known about how it varies in older adults and adolescence. This investigation aims to fill this gap by investigating SRE variations in older adults and adolescents compared with young adults.

What’s involved

The study will be completed online via a desktop or laptop computer. It cannot be completed on a phone. For the first task, you will be interacting with objects on a screen. Next, you will watch a video and answer some questions. Following this, you will interact with objects on the screen for a final time. Following completion of the task, you will be asked some questions about your experience.

Disease or condition

Self-reference effect

Recruitment criteria

  • All participants aged between 65-90


$20 coles/Myer gift card

Study sponsor / funder

Research team contacts

Harrison Paff

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