Regular sunscreen application reduces the risk of skin cancer, but it may also reduce vitamin D production.

The Sun-D Trial is the first large trial to investigate the effect of applying SPF 50+ sunscreen on Vitamin D.

Have you ever heard of the Mediterranean diet?

Researchers from the University of Sydney want to know how much you know about the general principles of the Mediterranean diet, and your general attitudes or beliefs towards your current food habits.

SafeTrip Study Logo

SafeTrip Study

Researchers from neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) are investigating how older adults can learn effective stepping to avoid falling when they experience unpredictable trips and slips.

Australian IBD Microbiome


The Australian IBD Microbiome Study seeks to identify people at risk of IBD prior to symptoms through microbiome analysis, preventing symptom progression, and being able to define how patients are likely to respond to treatment.



The ATHENA study is investigating methods of lowering blood pressure to reduce the risk of cognitive decline and dementia in persons aged 50-70 years.

The Healthy Optimal Australian Microbiome Study

By gaining an understanding of what is a normal and healthy microbiome, clinicians, researchers, and healthcare professionals will be better informed about what they might be able to do to improve health by modulating the microbiome.


Telemedicine Study

Researchers from The George Institute for Global Health are seeking to optimise telemedicine delivery in out-patients.

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