Support from the Australian Stroke and Heart Research Accelerator (ASHRA)

Join Us is proudly supported by the Australian Stroke and Heart Research Accelerator (ASHRA)*, a centre working to catalyze advancements in cardiovascular research in Australia. This support will enable Join Us to increase our participant base by facilitating the targeted enrollment of a cardiovascular cohort to our register.

Funded through the MTPConnect-supported Targeted Translation Research Acceleration initiative in 2021, ASHRA’s strategic vision is to “transform the field of cardiovascular research in Australia by bringing a new sector-wide focus on clinical impact and entrepreneurship.”.

As a leading cause of death in Australia and across the world, the increased prevalence of cardiovascular disease has profound health and economic outcomes implications, placing a significant burden on healthcare systems, diminishing overall quality of life, and requiring substantial financial resources for prevention, treatment, and long-term care.

ASHRA serves as a pivotal mechanism to accelerate the translation of research findings and drive clinical impact, working to deliver new health and economic outcomes for the Australian community. Join Us is proud to be supported by the Centre and will implement strategic methods for the recruitment of a cardiovascular cohort to our register in 2024 and into the future.

Join Us had the opportunity to present at the ASHRA Summit in December 2023. Building on the support and connections established during the Summit, Join Us is looking forward to working with physicians, networks and researchers to expand its database of participants with heart conditions. Our goal is to expedite the recruitment process for human research, ultimately advancing medical knowledge and improving health conditions for all. 

*For more information about the Australian Stroke and Heart Research Accelerator (ASHRA), visit their official website.

Join Us poster presentation at the 2023 ASHRA Summit.

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