Disease or condition

Bowel, breast, cervical, lung and prostate cancer

Study description/purpose

As an individual gets older, the benefits of cancer screening can become uncertain, and the potential harms of cancer screening have the potential to reduce quality of life in remaining years. Older adults should be supported to make informed cancer screening decisions. This study aims to examine older adults’ breast, cervical, prostate and bowel cancer screening decision-making.

The research team will conduct interviews with older adults to explore their opinions and experiences around screening. This will help us to understand how to support older adults to make informed decisions about cancer screening.

Recruitment criteria

What’s involved

A short survey (5 minutes) followed by a semi-structured interview of no longer than 60 minutes via phone.

Benefits (gift cards, etc)


Study sponsor/funder

The University of Sydney

Research team contacts

Jenna Smith

Email: [email protected]

Contact: 0402 655 602