women’s experiences of receiving their cervical

Disease or condition
Cervical screening

Study description/purpose
In Australia, women who attend for cervical screening are notified of their test results by the healthcare provider who carried out the screening, but there is variation in the way women receive their results (i.e. by letter, phone, from a healthcare professional or a combination of these). Due to the introduction of a new cervical screening test, which primarily now tests for the human papillomavirus rather than abnormal cells, women may receive unfamiliar results compared to those they would have received as part of the old cervical screening program.

The primary aims of the study is to understand how women received their cervical screening test results (i.e. by letter, phone, from a healthcare professional or a combination of these), how they interpreted this result and their understanding of what the result meant. The secondary aims of the study is to explore whether there is variation in the content and presentation of information in results letters or another written form (i.e. email) provided to women. The study also aims to understand how women felt about their screening results, their perceived risk of cervical cancer based on their test result and whether they sought any additional information or have any unanswered questions about their test result.

Recruitment criteria

What’s involved

A questionnaire that will take approximately 10 minutes to complete, and to upload a photo of your cervical screening result test letter if you have one (not compulsory).

Benefits (gift cards, etc)

A chance to win one of ten $20 gift cards.

Study sponsor/funder

The University of Sydney

Research team contacts

Ashleigh Sharman

Email: [email protected]