An online survey to understand the experiences and care needs of children with chronic health conditions.

Care needs of children with chronic conditions
Disease or condition
Children with cancer or other chronic conditions including Asthma, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Heart Failure, Kidney Disease.

Study description/purpose
Having a child diagnosed and treated for Chronic Health Conditions can be distressing for parents everywhere. Research into outcomes for survivors has suggested that children can experience emotional, behavioural & social problems, and a range of other difficulties.

Investigating outcomes including unmet needs can assist in designing appropriate measures and intervention plans for improving psychosocial outcomes for children. This research aims to understand the experiences and unmet needs of families of children with cancer & other Chronic Health Conditions with the aim of identifying strategies to assist parents and children through and beyond treatment.

Recruitment criteria
Children between the ages of 0 – 12 with chronic health conditions (including Asthma, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Heart Failure, Kidney disease)

What’s involved

Participants will be asked to complete a 15-minute online survey. Measures in the survey assess three areas:

    1. Outcomes for the children,
    2. Parents needs and distress experiences and
    3. Demographic information.

It is a voluntary survey and participants can quit from the study at any point of time. If they start but quit the survey, we will remove all the information they have provided. Findings from the survey will be reported at a group level and participants will not be identified in any reports from the survey.

Benefits (gift cards, etc)

Study sponsor/funder
Study by Deakin University

Research team contacts
Sangeetha Thomas
Telephone: 0416543065
Email: [email protected]

Vicki White
Telephone: 0423035159
Email: [email protected]