Co-Design an Online Nutrition Education Resource

Researchers from the University of Sydney want to learn how to best develop an online evidence-based nutritional education program for the older adult population. This study is seeking insights for a resource specifically tailored for an anti-inflammatory diet.

Study description/purpose

University of Sydney researchers are seeking to gather insights from a representative group of older adults in Australia to determine how new and emerging technologies can be co-designed and developed to enhance nutrition knowledge, to suit the specific needs and preferences of this group.

Specifically, researchers want to know how an online anti-inflammatory diet education resource could be designed and tailored for the provision of evidence-based nutrition education for the older adult population.

What’s Involved?

Component 1. Participatory design workshop (Up to 2 hours)

Participants will be asked to participate in a group workshop to discover, evaluate and prototype design solutions (e.g. platform content, language, look, feel) to ensure that the education resource is built and tailored to meet the needs of older adults.

During the session, participants can choose which questions they wish to answer and respond to.

Participants will be asked to attend a focus group held via video conference using the Zoom software. If needed, the research team can provide training and assistance prior to telehealth sessions to help with familiarising yourself with the video conferencing program. The session will last approximately 2-3 hours and will involve a group of 5-7 participants. The groups will be coordinated by one facilitator and will be audio recorded using the Zoom recording functionality.

Component 2. User acceptance testing (4 weeks)

Participants will be invited to engage with the nutrition education resource for a period of 4-weeks to demonstrate how users interact with and experience the platform. During the 4-weeks, users will be able to use the platform and its features at your own discretion. Participants will be asked to complete a brief series of questionnaires before and after engaging with the platform.

For more information and to register your interest, please visit this study link.

Recruitment criteria

In order to participate in this study, you must be:

  • Aged >55 years old;
  • Currently living in Australia;
  • Able to read and write in English; and,
  • Have reliable access to the internet and a device that can connect to Zoom video conferencing software.



Study sponsor / funder

Research team contacts

Ashlee Turner

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